Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Third Column:Episode review

(The Third Column) 5/5
The Renegade Japanese fighter plane Zero believes he can be a better Renegade leader than Cy-Kill and challenges his leadership. Zero and Cy-Kill fight to a draw with Zero looking much more menacing than Cy-Kill though.He turns away with the other Rogue Renegades he recruited(Geeper Creeper, Twin Spin,Bad Boy,and Stretch/Tux) from Cy-Kill. Zero wants to eliminate Cy-Kill and his Renegades(Fitor,Crasher,Tank,Cop-Tur) , defeat the Guardians,and take over on Gobotron.I had always hoped for more Zero but alas this was pretty much it for him.One of the best episodes:Turbo and Crasher share a jail cell,Crasher gets bound by Bad Boy,the Renegades seriously fight with each other,and Dozer shows up for the ride.
G: Leader-1, Scooter , Turbo ,Dozer,Road Ranger,Blaster,Zeemon.

R: Cy-Kill,Crasher, Cop-Tur Zero,Fitor,Twin Spin,Tux(Stretch),Tank,Bad Boy,Geeper Creeper,Screwhead,Loco,and other Renegades.

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