Thursday, February 4, 2010

Escape From Elba: Episode review and pics

(Escape From Elba) 4/5

The Guardians succeed in capturing and bringing Cy-Kill to the desolate planet Elba under lock and key . The Renegades employ an interestingly devious method to rescue him: Fitor and Geeper Creeper feign interest in becoming Guardians. Also Cy-Kill does not remain locked up and uses his wiles on Street Heat and Royal-T,the guardians assigned to guard him on Elba.Elba must have been named after the northern Italian island where Napoleon Bonaparte was once exiled. Fitor flirts with Anya.Royal-T and Street Heat really can't stand being there.Cy-Kill tricks Royal-T and Street Heat into becoming Renegades and they help him escape. The duo attacks Van Guard and Heat Seeker. Turbo is captured also when he goes on a mission with Fitor,Geeper,Spay-c,and Hans Cuff to check on Elba after a distress signal is sent by Van and Heat.Cy-Kill escapes to Earth with Fitor and Geeper and uses his mind control on Spay-C and Hans Cuff. Everyone forgets about Matt Hunter who is still on Elba. Anya’s final appearance, from Russia with love.Dos Vadanya. One of the best episodes of the series with plenty of action, more characters, and some suspense.

G: Leader-1, Scooter , Turbo, Pathfinder,Spay-C,Hans Cuff ,Heat Seeker, Street Heat,Royal-T,Van Guard.
R: Cy-Kill,Crasher, Cop-Tur Fitor,Geeper,Blockhead

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