Sunday, June 24, 2007

Solitaire vs. Sabrestone: The Stunning Jewel or the Earthy Rock?

Solitaire (Diaman in Japan) is a lovely figure and looks cool when transformed too. For North America she gets lipstick, a toy aimed at boys that is deliberately femme,I like this about her. I think its a good contrast to have her next to Gobots like Pathfinder,Small Foot ,and Spay-C who are not overtly feminine demonstrating that femininity in robots isn't always about lipstick and curves but on one or two characters it's okay. Arcee of the Transformers wasn't made into a figure for sale much later and she was stereotypically feminine.The Nightbird of Transformers cartoon was very cool though but unfortunately she was just a one shot character. In the movie Solitaire looks tough and capable for 5 minutes until Cy-Kill blasts her.She spends the rest of the film as a hostage who inadvertently helps the Renegades and she makes the typical "You'll never get away this" statements, prisoners in corny movies or tv shows always make. Sabrestone,the evil Rock lady is the anti-Solitaire, she's not pretty or nice and she doesn't care. She looks more muscular and monstrous, kind of like Vamp. When transformed she looks like a blob of pink clay.She never got to be in the cartoon or comics.I think she would have been a great character if fleshed out properly.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Okay, today's hot topic:Who is your favorite Renegade Gobot?
Crasher, Snoop,Bugbite,Loco, and Zero are my top five. Crasher is my top pick, but Snoop was the more subtle bad girl, and Zero was more than a match for Cy-Kill,in fact he almost sends Cy-Kill to the scrap heap.I don't why the writers didn't bring him back him with new Rogue Renegades after Tux(Stretch),Bad Boy, Twin Spin,and Geeper Creeper deserted him. Bugbite is a favorite because he is obscure and manages to look threatening even though he is a cute yellow Volkswagen Beetle,the perfect disguise for a cold,calculating enemy. Loco is put to good use most of the time and he has that 1930's devilish gangster thug persona down pat.Plus his robot and vehicle modes look cool.A charging red and black locomotive is definitely frightening.So ,whose your favorite?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vamp/ Casmodon /MRD-101

Vamp was one of the most powerful of the mutant Gobots. She had the hypnotic eye beams , an impenetrable bubble force field around her, advanced fire power, and could fly or drive in vehicle mode.It's a shame about the voice though.

Small Foot and Scooter? Leader-1? or Turbo?

Gobots/Machine Robo blog 1st entry

Hello and welcome to my 1st entry on this blog dedicated to the Gobots and Machine Robo/Robo Machines. I just thought I'd do this to allow for more interactivity than my other little Gobots pages ( and Today's subject is Gobots cartoon characters that don't really look like their toy counterparts. Gunnyr,Mach-3, and Ace are the most obvious examples.Ace, in light blue,white and red is colored and shaped differently than his toy version and the same is true for Gunnyr.This is odd considering most cartoon Gobots looked almost exactly like their toy versions. Consider Turbo,Crasher, Cy-Kill, and Cop-Tur as good examples of this. Although I liked the toy version of Cy-Kill's face much better than the cartoon, the same goes for Cop-Tur. Please share your thoughts about what topics you'd like to see discussed and pictured here.