Monday, September 30, 2013

My view on the WB Gobots scandal

Warner bros gave Gobots fans the idea that the whole Gobots series was coming to DVD. Well, the last comment made about it by Warner Bros was in August of 2011 which stated that Gobots DVD or DVDs were coming soon. Why say you're going to release a series when you're not? and without any explanation as to why not either. I realize this is not a high profit DVD for them so perhaps we should have been pleasantly surprised any Gobots episodes made it onto studio DVDs at all. I'm glad they did release the 5 part original mini-series but they should not have said anything about more Gobots DVDs  if they weren't going to follow through. I'm disappointed and annoyed by this but that's corporate America for you, always playing games with the "little people" no matter what item we're talking about.

Pacific Overtures: review & pics

Pacific Overtures) 3.5/5
Cy-Kill offers to hold a peace conference with the Guardians and the humans. Leader One is in agreement. But Turbo is skeptical. He wants Leader-1 to realize that the Renegades really want to trap them all in one place.Turbo knows the smell of Crasher's exhaust which is like knowing her farts when he smells them-that alone gives this episode the half and the Renegades making themselves invisible is the interesting gimmick.
Gs: Leader-1, Scooter , Turbo,Night Ranger, Hans Cuff, Van Guard, Wrong Way, Pathfinder, Dozer, Professor Von Joy,
Rs:Cy-Kill,Crasher, Cop-Tur, Scales, Screwhead, Buggy man, Tank, Geeper Creeper, Dr. Go, Scorp.