Saturday, May 8, 2010

Automadic: Review & pics

(Auto madic) 3.5/5
Cy-Kill makes a deal with a used car dealer for the production of special robot cars. These can be joined to produce an enormous super robot, the Puzzler. But before Cy-Kill can use the new giant combined robot, the dealer’s loud, controlling wife steals the Puzzler controller .
G:L-1,Turbo,Scooter,Staks,Pathfinder(voice only),Heat Seeker
R:Cy-Kill,Crasher,Cop-Tur,Scorp,Vamp,Pincher,Stretch(Tux),Crossword,Jigsaw,Rube,Pocket,Tic Tac,Zig Zag.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Gobot Who Cried Renegade:Review & pics

(The Gobot Who Cried Renegade) 3.5/5
Scooter develops special equipment with his young human pal Billy. It allows the Guardians to foresee Renegade attacks. But it generates false alarms. Eventually no one takes the warnings seriously any more..

G:L-1,Turbo,Scooter,Spay-C,Zeemon,Rest-Q,Heat Seeker,Night Ranger,Scratch.
R:Cy-Kill,Cop Tur,Crasher,Fitor

Clutch of Doom:Review & pics

(Clutch OF Doom) 5/5
With the help of a new invention created by Dr.Riolas Cy-Kill makes all humans on earth microscopic in size. They are contained within a few small glass balls. After the seizure of all humans on Earth, Gobotron is now at his mercy. He promptly takes over and the Guardians are now outlaws. But Leader One has a way to stop them.Overall, this was a great episode-suspense and some play with the viewers' assumptions.

G:Leader-1, Scooter ,Turbo ,Van Guard,Zeemon,Blaster,Heat Seeker,Small Foot.
R:Cy-Kill,Crasher, Cop-Tur,Bad Boy,Fitor,Geeper Creeper,Scorp.

Mission Gobotron:review & pics

(Mission Gobotron) 4.5/5
The Renegades attacks building material shipments for a renewal on Gobotron. The Guardians,especially Man-O-War demand that aggressive counter measures are taken.

G: Leader-1, Scooter , Turbo Dart,Ace,Bolt,Mach-3,Man-O-War,Zeemon,Small Foot,Blaster,Night Ranger,Boomers.
R: Cy-Kill,Crasher, Cop-Tur Gunnyr,Hornet,Sky Jack,Re-Volt ,Snoop.