Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray;Episode Review and pics

(Cy-kill's Shrinking Ray) 3.5/5
With the help of a molecular infuser Cy-Kill makes the Guardians toy size. But they also shrink themselves to destroy the Guardians. In a quasi-meta-fictional scene the Gobots are all toys at one point fighting in young Nathan’s bedroom with Gobots posters in the background. Nathan catches Crasher in a catcher’s mitt that she promptly blows a hole out of. Then in another scene Scooter gets into hologram-drag as Crasher-a classic moment-In “Tarnished Image” Crasher goes into hologram-drag as Scooter-event #2 for fans of Gobot “cross-dressing”.Nathan and his mother are African-American and non-stereotypical which demonstrates that someone at H-B was trying to be attentive to diversity.

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