Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time Wars: review & pics

Time Wars rating:3.5/5
Review:This is the standard time travel episode.The Guardians and Renegades end up in ancient Rome,Italy.The Renegades trick the populace into believing the Guardians are demons.The Guardians are ambushed,badly defeated, and captured.There's an exciting gladiator fight in which Matt and Nick do their best imitations of Spartacus.Pathfinder and A.J. have to come to the rescue to the three main Gs stuck in the past.Pathfinder blows the head off of Cy-Kill's statue and re-energizes the Guardians.Then the Renegades are nicely defeated and they all return to the present.Pathfinder and Buggyman are the guest starring Gobots in this episode.Both of them have decent roles in this one which make it worth watching but it's not one of the best episodes.Pathfinder shows everyone what she can do when she knocks Cy-Kill right out of the sky.

Two Earth Hours on YouTube

Hey Gobots Machine Robo fans,

There's a great band whom I've mentioned before but now they've got a YouTube page which I've subscribed to.Here's the web address:


oh and just to remind you all here's their equally cool website:


Check them out,they are a talented band and nice folks too.