Saturday, March 13, 2010

Transfer Point:Review & pics

(Transfer POINT) 4/5
Leader One and Scooter go into a parallel dimension, which is a completely different world. There the Guardians are the evil criminals and the Renegades are the good defenders of Earth. The good Renegades sound like Guardians with softer,less mechanical voices.The good Crasher is definitely the most convincing and likable of the good Renegades but the good Cy-Kill is interesting as well. The evil Guardians are just carbon copies of the Renegades which is a bit disappointing but overall this was a great episode even though it only features Cop Tur,Crasher,Cy-Kill,Scooter,Turbo and Leader-1.I wish they had returned to this alternate reality in a later episode to develop that plot line further.