Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rare Gobots Rocklords movie cameos and other stuff

I just thought I'd point out some cameos and other things in the Rocklords movie that some may have missed.Klaws shows up very briefly here but he was also in "Et Tu Cy-Kill" working with Zero and Bugsie(who is called Klaws in the movie for some reason!) in an attempt to assasinate Cy-Kill who was a Guardian then.Klaws and Bugsie look completely different.I circled Klaws because otherwise you might miss him,I know I did, the first time.Bugsie, is green,yellow,white,and silver as opposed to orange or maroon like his toy counterpart.I guess there was already too many other red and orange Gobots running around in this movie! Who couldn't love the Narliphant?, even though he doesn't do much aside from eat,lick everyone,and look cute, you know,like nice dogs.Hornet tries to look scary but doesn't quite get there.Loco and Screwhead seem far more threatening by comparison.Hornet blends in almost with the interior of Thruster.He needs some color tips from Crasher I think. She should have painted herself white and blue and then stuck some Rothman's ads on herself for her "deep cover" mission in "Speed is Of The Essence".Crasher has clearly been looking at the same freakin' monitors all day and her eyes are beginning to cross.Twister is standing next to a Gobot who looks remarkably like Major Mo, the red '84 Nissan 300ZX Guardian.He never gets into the shot entirely so it's open to debate but he surely looks like Major Mo to me.Marbles stares into the unknown in disbelief.Anya is visibly shocked and dismayed.The Dr.Go/Baron Von Joy body switch has no logical explanation aside from the animators and editors being fast asleep at the wheel.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bugbite Major Mo, and Machine Robo boxes

I love this,I've seen it in other places on the net but I thought I post here too.One thing I noticed right away about this poster/checklist is that Tailpipe is incorrectly labeled a Renegade when he's a Guardian. Also Sky Jack is in different colors and the Gobots fortress is at the top is a rare toy,I don't remember seeing one in stores at all.

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