Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Last Magic Man:Review,pics may follow

(The Last Magic Man)3.5/5
The Renegades establish a base on sacred ,native soil-(just like humans from Europe have done for centuries).Okay,so this is not the most original idea,Cy-Kill has had.The native magic man Tanatchka is not happy about this display of disrespect.Go Tanatchka! Cy-Kill wants to force Tanatchka to hand over his supernatural powers.Tanatchka's a powerful mystic,he turns Gobotron into a small globe.Another episode where they could have used new Guardians or new Renegades and they did not.Overall,this was cliched and a bit dull plus there was way too much Scooter.The message about mysticism was somewhat interesting though and this episode is very similar to "The Gift".

R:Cy-Kill,Crasher,Cop Tur,Fitor, Dr.Go.

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