Sunday, August 5, 2007

Spoiler sex swap and Spay-C,the weakest link

The female Renegades were cool.Crasher had the flamboyant persona,multiple powers,and a great vehicle mode.In an alternate universe she is good and kind but still laughs like a mad woman,she is simply the best.Crasher had a soft (or hard?) spot for Leader-1 and has a grudging admiration for Turbo, her Guardian counterpart.Her existence would have little meaning without Turbo to bump bumpers with. Snoop was a skilled spy, a good fighter and hated the humans. She was cold hearted but still knew how to flirt. Vamp was perhaps the coldest of them all,she never flirts with anyone,she was definitely the most powerful of the three, and one of the most powerful Gobots period. The female Guardians were not as exciting but still good fun.Pathfinder,Small Foot, and Sparky were all very courageous. Pathfinder was the introverted,experienced, calm Guardian who really comes out of her shell in a battle. Small Foot is the young tomboy rookie. In Invasion from the 21st level, the Gobotron saga, The Ring of Fire ,and Doppleganger she absolutely rocks. The other episodes she's in usually have her getting in over her head with the Renegades.She's always brave though. Sparky is a former prison guard and she is convincingly tough. She takes out Cop-Tur,Buggy Man,and Geeper Creeper all of whom are powerful Renegades.Sparky was also the most obviously feminine looking Gobot next to Crasher,Snoop,and Pathfinder.It's Vamp,Small Foot, and Spay-C look more androgynous. It may come as quite a shock that Spoiler was intended to be the female race car Renegade. Tonka and Hanna Barbera changed their minds and the rest is history.Although Spoiler could easily look more feminine with a little tuck in here and there. We'll just borrow the eye mask and lipstick from Sparky.Maybe we'll use Crasher's lipstick instead.It has more impact.Okay,close your eyes.Now open them.Voila! Spoiler is a lady tonight! It's a little rough but you get the picture, you know,Spoiler doesn't look half bad as a gal.I think I would have rather had another female Renegade sports car than Spay-C. Spay-C was definitely the worst female Gobot. I like her robot mode and vehicle mode, it's very cute,but the character leaves much to be desired.They gave her a very whiny, annoying baby voice, she usually just sat or stood around, and never even transformed. When Cy-Kill blasts her in "Escape From Elba" I said "Yeah,it's about time someone did that." What were they thinking? She 's a NASA shuttle! Are the Americans not proud of their space shuttles and outer space travels? She could have been used so often and to great effect. She's cannon fodder in her significant appearances ,but considering the role she plays I didn't mind.In the British books they have Spay-C fight Crasher, transform and move the plot along.Spay-C is male for these books though.I think the Super Gobot version of Spay-C should have been featured instead if they were going to make the character male that would have been good too.Although I'd still take all the female Gobots over the first female Transformers any day.Okay,I'm done ranting.

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