Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Staks,friendly Gobot big rig

Staks is a pretty cool character and Gobot for a few reasons.First of all, he has that charming Southern accent which strangely he didn't have in his first appearance in the Battle of Gobotron 84-85 mini-series when he was voiced by the wonderfully talented Frank Welker who also did Scooter,Rest-Q,Zeemon,Throttle,Blaster,Dart,Slicks,and Screwhead's voices.But very often in the Gobots supporting character voices were changed. Another reason I like Staks is that he was around a lot but not in an obtrusive manner.One whole episode with Staks wouldn't have been too much.He wears a Power Suit(a rare privilege), is a Guardian cadet,and works for the Gobotron security council.He only transforms a few times if I remember correctly,the BFG mini-series being the most notable example. Staks,like Dive-Dive could carry other Gobots around but he never got the chance to use his car-carrying trailer. Staks is also sort of the Gobot foil for Optimus Prime, if an unassuming friendly trucker doing his job reliably could be a Gobot he'd probably be Staks.

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