Friday, July 27, 2007

Creepy,crab/spider evil mutant Gobot ,one of the "Master Renegade's " Renegades


MrFX said...

I had this toy when I was a kid! I had it in my toy drawer when I was at home, but I moved away and I forgot about it.

One day I was looking at Transformers: Beast Wars and when I saw the character "Tarantulas", he looked VERY familiar, then I came across this website after I did search. I think that Tarantulas' design was influenced by this toy because they look VERY similar.

MrFX said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I had the purple version that I got from K-Mart way back in the 80's. Transformation was very simple.

1 - Fold the head down into the chest plate
2 - Swivel the chest/arms to face the opposite way
3 - Bend the legs at the knees to meet the body

T.G. said...

Thanks very much for your comments.I'm glad to have helped bring back good memories.I think you're absolutely right he does look like a version of Tarantulus too.Yes Creepy looks very cool in purple,the green makes look like a scorpion through night vision goggles,and in red he looks like a demon.Creepy was one of the more interesting mutants in the Gobots toyline and t.v. series.