Monday, September 30, 2013

Pacific Overtures: review & pics

Pacific Overtures) 3.5/5
Cy-Kill offers to hold a peace conference with the Guardians and the humans. Leader One is in agreement. But Turbo is skeptical. He wants Leader-1 to realize that the Renegades really want to trap them all in one place.Turbo knows the smell of Crasher's exhaust which is like knowing her farts when he smells them-that alone gives this episode the half and the Renegades making themselves invisible is the interesting gimmick.
Gs: Leader-1, Scooter , Turbo,Night Ranger, Hans Cuff, Van Guard, Wrong Way, Pathfinder, Dozer, Professor Von Joy,
Rs:Cy-Kill,Crasher, Cop-Tur, Scales, Screwhead, Buggy man, Tank, Geeper Creeper, Dr. Go, Scorp.

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