Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lost on Gobotron review & pics

(Lost on Gobotron) 3.5/5
Matt, Nick, and A.J. are abducted from a peace conference by Fly Trap and a dog like creature named Gorn to Old Gobotron,which is a strange, archaic world within the new Gobotron. Cy-Kill is trying to ruin a peace agreement that cannot be made if the humans are absent. This episode was just okay nothing really interesting happens and the Old Gobotron plot is never continued in later episodes.Rex,the old Gobot was introduced but any number of other Gobots who had never been in the series could have been used instead( like Bent Wing).
R:Cy-Kill,Fly Trap.


M0unt41nD3WK1NG said...

One major problem is that Cy-Kill had only brought one renegade rather four to go along with Leader-1.

In my opinion, Cy-Kill would not only bring Flytrap but also Geeper Creeper, Screwhead, and Snoop.
While Leader-1 should've brought Pathfinder, Turbo, Blaster, and Hans-cuff.

M0unt41nD3WK1NG said...

I forgot to add than.