Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pathfinder:Fantastic U.F.O./Cyborg

Pathfinder,here she is looking cool and performing heroic acts at the same time. She is calm, clever,and courageous.She has defeated Crasher,Cy-Kill,Pincher,and Cop-Tur(her usual opponent in battle) and often assumes the role of deputy leader or Earth-Gobotron liason.If you like Pathfinder as much as I do then you're in luck,watch the videos too if you want.Happy holidays if you celebrate any seasonal festivities such as Christmas,Chanukkah,Kwanzaa,or Eid.

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M0unt41nD3WK1NG said...

Pathfinder should've been a main character along with Smallfoot to add to make five main guardians while Cy-kill has Fitor, Crasher, Zero, and Cop-tur.