Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alternate universe white good Crasher,Bugbite revealed,and Spoiler as the new Crasher with 2 different looks

I experimented a bit with these pics to see how they would look.I thought the idea of the white Crasher being the alternate universe Crasher from "Transfer Point would look cool.For those who think Bugbite,Staks,and Zeemon should have a robot head well I tried it with Bugbite by giving Moto San/Mr.Moto's head because with some adjustments it could look evil and the windows and roof would be a helmet.I do like the 'cabin head"look though despite detractors it certainly makes them more disguised.I thought Spoiler would be interesting as a female Renegade just add lipstick in pink or silver, switch out the voice box and voila mes amis! ,we have Spoiler giving Crasher,Snoop,Vamp,and everyone else something to worry about.

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