Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gobots/Machine Robo blog 1st entry

Hello and welcome to my 1st entry on this blog dedicated to the Gobots and Machine Robo/Robo Machines. I just thought I'd do this to allow for more interactivity than my other little Gobots pages ( and Today's subject is Gobots cartoon characters that don't really look like their toy counterparts. Gunnyr,Mach-3, and Ace are the most obvious examples.Ace, in light blue,white and red is colored and shaped differently than his toy version and the same is true for Gunnyr.This is odd considering most cartoon Gobots looked almost exactly like their toy versions. Consider Turbo,Crasher, Cy-Kill, and Cop-Tur as good examples of this. Although I liked the toy version of Cy-Kill's face much better than the cartoon, the same goes for Cop-Tur. Please share your thoughts about what topics you'd like to see discussed and pictured here.

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